Monday, October 4, 2010


The AP story on my comics donation (written by Martha Irvine) came out over the weekend -- read it here: -- and has generated some very nice comments and good wishes from all over the country. My heartfelt thanks to all my fellow collectors and "closet sentimentalists."

While I'm normally loathe to put myself out there so nakedly (for lack of a better word, and since that's how it feels), I did it for one big reason: to get others to join me in this donation thing. Please consider donating, to whatever institution will give your beloved comics/objects a good home. There's no better thing than to ensure their "living on," no?

Plus, what a rush of fanboy pride to have Sal Buscema himself say thank you! No, thank YOU, sir!


  1. Well, looks like you just picked up another follower, courtesy of the AP. :)

  2. Jose:

    My mother just mailed me your article. Check out my website at Would be glad to send you out a comp copy. I think it sums up, nicely, our similar journeys with nostalgia. Cheers!